Rabu, 22 April 2009


Forty-four years ago, precisely in 1965 when I sat in the first secondary school, in one of the first secondary school in the city of Bandung, which is "junior BPI1". Although school and have lived in the city of Bandung, I always take advantage of every school holidays to return home village, a village in the southern city of Garut.

With a bag full of books, I went home, and although only 120 km from Bandung, only holiday semester to take home, because at the time the road to this village is very ugly and school holidays only once in 6 months.
Hunting and fishing are my hobby, usually I go with my father and my older brother.

In the story, I would like the story is not about hunting or fishing, but the road toward a thick forest, a lot of bush, and often make the body injured. When I was injured spine from the bush, my father took a few pieces of plant leaves such a soft sweep, which we call leaves "antanan". He was chewing, and fine after a bit, he wound paste to me, not so long, my injury did not bleed again. Now I know that the plant is antanan plants containing asiaticoside, thankuniside, isothankuniside, madecassoside, brahmoisde, brahminoside, brahmic acid, madasitic acid, hydrocotyline, mesoinositol, centellose, caretenoids, mineral salt (as potassium salt, natrium, magnesium, calcium, iron ), bitter substances vellarine. glikosida triterpenoida is a compound called asiaticoside a role in various activities of healing disease. Asiaticoside and anti-leprosy (leprosy). Hepatoprotektor also contain cells that protect the liver from damage due to various toxic and hazardous substances, also contain sitronelal, linalool, neral, menthol, and linalil acetate, which is in the oil atsiri.

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